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MUSIC ALBUMS, CASSETTES & CDs (as a singer) - To name a few:

  1. Sakthi Ganapathim – A carnatic concert accompanied by S.Varadarajan and Srimushnam Raja Rao. (RAVI AUDIO)
  2. Thiruvabharanam – Ayyappan devotional songs music directed by Berny Ignatious (RANJINI CASSETTES)
  3. Ente Daivam – Christian devotional songs in Carnatic raagas. (CHRISTIAN LITERATURE SOCIETY)
  4. Rock to Ragas – Traditional Kritis in western orchestration (MAGNASOUND)
  5. Prashanti – Sai bhajans sung along with Smt.K.S.Chithra directed by Pandit Ramesh Narayan. (MANORAMA MUSIC)
  6. Rare Ragas– A carnatic concert of rare ragas with Delhi Sundarrajan, Srimushnam Rajarao & V.Suresh (MAGNASOUND)
  7. Adhyatma Ramayanam – Rendition of Ezhuthachan’s Adhyatma Ramayanam kilippattu. (MANORAMA MUSIC)
  8. Shivam Shivamayam – Shiva Bhajans depicting Kerala Shiva Temples sung with Smt.K.S.Chithra. (MANORAMA MUSIC)
  9. Thyagraja Deva Bhasha Kritis - Sanskrit Kritis of Thyagaraja in classical concert style (AUDIOTRACS)

As a music composer

  1. Krishnakumar is a member as ‘FULL COMPOSER’ in the IndianPerforming Rights Society.
  2. He has composed music for the Light and sound show - “SAMAVAAKYAM” and the Title and theme music for the world premier mega stage show “DWAYAM” – both directed by Sri.Soorya Krishnamoorthy.
  3. Krishnakumaar has composed music for more than 30 music albums sung by himself and popular playback singer Padmasree K.S.Chithra.

To name a few: (Click & View a list of albums)

  1. Ramayanam

    - Ezhuthachans’s Ramayanam Kilippattu sung by Smt.K.S.Chithra (BMG Crescendo –Audiotracs)
  2. Adhyatma Ramayanam

    – Ezhuthachan’s Adhyatma Ramayanam kilippattu sung by himself (BMG Crescendo)
  3. Krishnapriya

    - Traditional kritis on Lord Krishna set to orchestration and sung by Smt K.S.Chithra (BMG Crescendo)
  4. Avani

    –Thiruvathira songs sung by Smt. K.S.Chithra (BMG Crescendo)
  5. Narayaneeyam

    – Sung by Smt.K.S.Chithra (Manorama Music)
  6. Devipriya

    – Traditional kritis on Devi sung by Smt.K.S.Chithra (Manorama)

Some audio links in the internet to listen to the songs sung


  2. TAMIL

Video links of excerpts from live concerts and television music programmes

alapana @ Melbourne - duo vocal

  1. You Tube Link

Tamil Compositions for Ponagal Festival on KTV & ASHTAPADI for Sri Krishna Jayanthi on ASIANET - duo

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